Meet our Officers.

Prince Hall Freemasons welcome individuals of all backgrounds and faiths to join. SDR 139’s ultimate goal is to be the premier fraternity and institute in the area (MD, DC, and VA) for instructing its members on how to effect positive, lasting change in their communities. The brothers meet the 2nd Monday of each month at 7:30 PM at Rollingcrest Commons, 6060 Sargent Road, Hyattsville, MD, 20782.

Worshipful Master’s Open Letter

To the Past Masters, Wardens, Officers, and Brothers of Shelton D. Redden No. 139:

I am honored to have been elected by you as the Worshipful Master of great lodge of Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Maryland. I don’t know enough words to articulate how grateful I am to serve as Worshipful Master of this lodge. The emotion I feel is exuberant. I am honored to stand on the shoulders of giants…on the shoulders of those who have gone this way before me.

I will do all within my power to foster the evolution of the SDR#139 agenda, enhance the experience of Masonry, and be a humble example of God’s will, power, grace, love, and blessings.

I encourage us all to harness all of the working tools in masonry and apply them with a heart of zeal…use them aggressively to break off the corners of the rough stones that are our characters. Strengthen yourselves, your families, your brothers, and your communities as we go out in the world as proud men and Masons committed to impacting the world in a positive manner one day at a time.

You elected me as the Worshipful Master and I’m sure each of you have different reasons. Yet for all of them, I am forever grateful.  Know that I understand that I was elected to serve YOU and I fully accept that responsibility. As such, I pledge to serve you with the fervency and zeal with which I pursued this great organization.

Thank you for your trust and I will pray that my ability exceeds all expectations.



Michael Davis, WM
Worshipful Master
Shelton D. Redden Lodge No. 139
Masonic Year 2017 – 2018


Worshipful Master: Michael Davis
Senior Warden: Lloyd Shanklin, Jr.
Junior Warden:Keon Anthony
Secretary: Gerard Weaver
Treasurer:Jeremy Howard
Senior Deacon: Al Stephenson
Junior Deacon: David Curtis
Senior Steward: Everret Martin
Junior Steward: Ricky West
Chaplain: Jerrell Latham
Marshall: Zo Issac
Tyler: Mike Jackson
Historian: Harold Thomas


Jul 1981 – Jun 1982     Leroy White
Jul 1982 – Jun 1983     Robert M. Long
Jul 1983 – Jun 1984     John E. McClendon
Jul 1984 – Jun 1985     Alton B. Gaither
Jul 1985 – Jun 1986     Frederick D. Watson
Jul 1986 – Jun 1987     Frederick D. Watson
Jul 1987 – Jun 1988     Lonnie A. Gallman
Jul 1988 – Jun 1989     Richard J. Perkins, II
Jul 1989 – Jun 1990     Douglas A. Brown

Jun 1990 – Dec 1992    Period of Inactivity

Jan 1993 – Jun 1993     Gerald Black
Jul 1993 – Jun 1994     James C. Jones
Jul 1994 – Jun 1995     Ronald M. Raiford
Jul 1995 – Jun 1996     PM Charles B. Clark, III
Jul 1996 – Jun 1997     Randy Truesdale
Jul 1997 – Jun 1998     Percy O. Williams
Jul 1998 – Jun 1999     Walter H. Hawkins
Jul 1999 – Jun 2000     Julius C. Jefferson

Jul 2000 – Jun 2001     William A. Northern
Jul 2001 – Jun 2002     William A. Northern
Jul 2002 – Jun 2003     Dwayne E. Wright, Sr.
Jul 2003 – Jun 2004     Dwayne E. Wright, Sr.
Jul 2004 – Jun 2005     Jamie L. Dawson
Jul 2005 – Jun 2006     Danny W. Pimienta
Jul 2006 – Jun 2007     Ralph A. Rogers
Jul 2007 – Jun 2008     Rudolph D. Smith, Jr. *
Jul 2008 – Jun 2009     Brent Hughes
Jul 2009 – Jun 2010     J. Brooke Cawley

2010 GM Honoree       Armstead Williams
Jul 2010 – Jun 2011     Kevin Stephen
Jul 2011 – Oct 2012     Jonathan Gentry
Nov 2012 – Oct 2013    Kevin Stephen
Nov 2013 – Oct 2015    Chad Malone
Nov 2015 – Oct 2016    Anthony Summers
Nov 2016 – Oct 2017    Terence Clegg

* Deceased